As a locally and family-owned company, Essential Pest Control is proud to be Ohio’s #1 Pest Control provider. We specialize in organic and eco-friendly pest control options. We offer a full guarantee against pests, all-year long. Because your satisfaction is essential, here are the service options you have with us:


Removing pests takes experience, knowledge, and dedication. Plus, it takes 5 comprehensive steps.That’s where we come in. At Essential Pest Control, we don’t cut corners. We follow the path to long-term pest control. To drive them away…for good. Here’s how:

Essential Pest 5 step Process For Success


Bed bugs are sneaky invaders that can hitch a ride home with you from many of your favorite places — and some unexpected places, too — including hotels, airplanes, hospitals, gyms, movie theaters, clothing and furniture.

The thought of having bed bugs can be stressful and scary, but don’t let these pests make you lose sleep. Schedule your free inspection today.

Essential Pest Ohio Ant Elimination

With over 1,000 known species in the U.S., ants are found just about everywhere.

But an ant infestation can be troublesome when found in and around your home. Inside or out, if you’re seeing an ant problem you need a solution that works.

Ant control treatment plans should include killing the entire colony. Just spraying an ant with a store-bought ant spray not only spreads dangerous chemicals around your home but will remove a few ants at best.

Essential Pest Ohio Spider EliminationIn the U.S., there are 3,000 species of spiders. These resilient creatures live year-round and are notorious for seeking shelter inside your home.

Spiders enter your home through tiny cracks and crevices in search of food, a mate, or a safe place from outside conditions.

In order to keep spiders from returning, we do a full inspection of your home, sweeping away all webs that they could return to. We then use a non-toxic spray to provide a barrier against any returning pests and your home.

Essential Pest Ohio Wasp EliminationFound throughout North America, there are nearly 4,000 different types of wasps. These pesky insects are often found nesting on ledges outside of your home or surrounding trees and plants.

Wasps are very territorial, and if you get too close to their nest, they have been known to attack. Unless you’re allergic, there’s typically no real danger to a single wasp sting, however, when trying to remove a nest it may agitate the entire group.

Don’t try to remove a nest yourself, reach out to one of our experts and we can take care of the problem for you in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

Essential Pest Ohio Flea EliminationFleas prefer cool, shady, damp places. This means you can commonly find these pests in shrubs, bushes, leaves, trees, and around your deck and patio.

They often make their way inside by hitching a ride on the neck, back, and underside regions of cats and dogs. Once inside they can lay hundreds of eggs at a time, which is why a simple flea bath simply won’t do the trick of getting rid of them the way you need.

Our 5-step inspection and removal process allows us to make sure any possible eggs are killed and you won’t have to worry about every small itch being a cause of these tiny pests.

Essential Pest Ohio Tick EliminationNot only are ticks a commonly found pest you don’t want to see around your home, but they also pose a fair risk to your family. Many ticks carry Lyme Disease or other illnesses, which can turn into a fairly serious issue.

Often found in wooded and grassy areas, they can also be found near the beach, in parks, and in residential areas. In yards, ticks are most often found in piles of wood, high grassy areas, stone walls, piles of leaves, low-hanging branches, or overgrown shrubs.

Keep your family safe and protect your property against these pests and any future invasions that may occur.

Essential Pest Ohio Mole EliminationMoles are carnivores so they eat earthworms, grubs, and other harmful insects, however, in doing so they can cause extensive damage around your property.

Just like with gophers, one of the best ways to control moles in your yard is by using traps. However, these traps should also be placed following the manufacturer’s instructions and state laws.

Need help on where to start? Call our team of experts to help and take care of the problem for you.

Essential Pest Ohio Vole EliminationSince voles love to build their nests among tall and dense vegetation, maintaining a tidy lawn can help you prevent a vole infestation in your yard. However, if you’re already seeing signs of these rodents, the best course of action is to remove them from your property immediately before they can cause more damage.

Because voles often travel above ground, their movements create worn paths over grass and within flower beds. They are also known to carry disease and spread to flea and tick infestations around your home.

Stop the problem before it gets worse, or potentially harmful to your family, and give us a call today.


Essential Pest Ohio Mice ControlNot only are mice destructive to your home and yard, but they can also be a serious health risk for you and your family. They are known to carry a wide variety of bacteria and diseases, which if not removed from your home can spread quickly through droppings and urine.

You’ll likely know soon after an infestation if you have mice in or around your home, due to the obvious destruction they are known to cause, but if you have any questions of whether or not you need removal services, give us a call. We will do a full inspection and elimination the same day if we find any signs of infestation of the premises.


Termites are one of the most destructive pests that can infest a home or business. By the time you see a termite in the building, if you ever see one at all, there’s already a colony at work destroying your foundation, structure, and maybe even your furniture. The soil surrounding new homes is treated to protect them from a termite infestation. However, within three to five years, termite pretreatment wears off, leaving your property exposed.

Termite extermination for your home or business begins with a complete inspection by a trained termite exterminator. We will identify the species of termite and the location of their colony.

If they come back, we come back. That’s our promise to you.

Essential Pest Ohio Home inspection Pest control


To be essential, we believe in reliability and sustainability. That’s why we rely on a proven, 5-step process, which ensures the year-round protection for your home and your family. Because you live there — so it’s no place for intruders. Our licensed and certified service agents responsibly & professionally do what it takes to protect your home all year round.

We not only eliminate unwanted pests, we do so with care for the environment, making sure they don’t come back. That means among 50 different kinds of pests, everything from stinging insects to nesting rodents, we’ll make them go away…and stay away.


Effective pest control starts with an ongoing program that breaks down nesting cycles and halts reproduction. That’s why we develop a customized plan, focused on keeping your home pest-free all year long. So you can get back to enjoying it all — from the breakfast nook to the backyard. Because there’s a reason they’re called pests: they never stop trying to get into your home. Keeping them out is our job…and well, it’s essential.

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“They were friendly and very fair priced. I love that they used organic stuff on the inside of the home because i have young kids! Will def have them back out!”

Jessica Rader
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“Amazing company, that does amazing work! They take care of almost any pest in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend them to anyone in need.”

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